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17/03/2008 : Objecteering SOA Solution - New Product
SOA, UML2, BPMN and EA convergence
Objecteering SOA Solution combines the UML2 and BPMN standards in a single tool and repository, and brings support of models dedicated to enterprise architecture (EA) and service-oriented architectures (SOA).
St-Quentin-en-Yvelines March 17th 2008 Objecteering Software is proud to announce the release of Objecteering SOA Solution, a special Objecteering package combining modeling features dedicated to both business owners (EA, BPMN, SOA) and IT services (SOA, UML2) in a single repository, thereby guaranteeing traceability and consistency between all the different modeling views.

Objecteering SOA Solution for modeling SOA logical and software architectures
With Objecteering SOA Solution, you can:
  • urbanize or map your information system (EA)
  • model your business processes (BPMN)
  • define your architecture using components and services (SOA)
  • model your software or systems (UML2)
  • automatically generate dedicated documentation
MDA (Model Driven Architecture) features also make it possible to automatically project your models onto specific SOA architectures.
"The convergence of UML2 and BPM, together with the extensions dedicated to enterprise architecture and SOA architectures, means that the entire company scope is covered by a single model repository, thereby ensuring optimal consistency and aligning the information system to the business, while taking advantage of the most recent norms and practices." explains Philippe Desfray, R&D director of Softeam, Objecteering Software's parent company and contributing member of the OMG.
Objecteering SOA Free Edition, an entirely free of charge version that can be downloaded website, provides all modeling features (EA, BPMN, UML, SOA) along with dedicated documentation generation.
For development teams, Objecteering supports cooperative work and enables automated code and architecture production, and for this Objecteering SOA Solution Enterprise Edition can be combined with the Objecteering Teamwork module. Other modules with which it can combined include: Objecteering Scope Manager for requirements analysis and dictionary development; Objecteering MDA Modeler for adapting Objecteering to your methodology and infrastructures using its graphical UML extension features (profiles) and its Java API for model use (transformations, generations, tests, etc.); and the Objecteering Developer code generation range, available for Java J2EE, C# .NET, C++ or SQL.
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