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About Objecteering Software
Objecteering Software, model-driven modeling and engineering tool editor, provides product and professional service solutions to meet the needs of analysts, designers and developers wishing to use modeling techniques based on OMG standards such as UML2, BPMN or SysML and implemented in a model-driven approach (MDA/MDE/MDD) for the specification of information systems and the development of software applications.
Objecteering Software's mission is to improve the software development process, by providing pragmatic and industrial-strength solutions, such as model-driven development based on the OMG's Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach. By providing best-of-breed products and services for the key phases of software development, enterprise architecture and software application development, Objecteering Software enables companies to improve quality, productivity and CMMI maturity, while reducing technical risks and overall costs.
Objecteering Software is a subsidiary of SOFTEAM (, a major player in the field of object technologies for more than 15 years, and the first European company to become a contributing member of the OMG in 1996. Softeam actively participates in the definition of current and future standards, such as Model Driven Architecture (MDA), Software Process Engineering Metamodel (SPEM), UML2, QVT, BPMN2 and UPMS (SOAPro). SOFTEAM is specialized in new software architectures and information technologies (J2EE, .Net, UML, MDA, BPM, SOA…) and provides a wide range of high-added-value services in consulting, training and development.
Objecteering Software brings its customers a robust and optimized solution that support model-driven development through its MDA architecture, itself the result of many years at the cutting edge of innovation. Constantly striving to meet its customers' needs even more efficiently, Objecteering Software continuously works on improving its product line and invests 30% of its revenue in R&D. Solutions supporting UML/MDA, BPM (Business Process Modeling) and targeting SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), Java/J2EE and C#/.Net are more and more sought after in the software development market targeted by Objecteering Software.
The Objecteering Software product range is designed to comply with market standards and to be open, flexible and adaptable to specific client needs. The company's flagship product, Objecteering, provides complete model-driven development support. Combining the latest modeling standards (UML2, BPMN, BMM and SysML), Objecteering enables teams to express and manage requirements, build complete and accurate models, produce report and documentation, and automate code production for Java, C++, C#, SQL DDL, CORBA IDL and Fortran. Moreover, Objecteering manages model consistency and traceability through the development cycle, from requirements expression through analysis, design, coding and testing, right up to application deployment.
Objecteering Software provides software development solutions to medium and large-scale companies across a wide variety of domains, such as telecoms, finance, insurance, transport, defense, aeronautics, administration, media, consumer, energy, software and hardware.
Objecteering Software's European headquarters are located in Guyancourt in France. We also have commercial partners in the United States, Europe and Asia for Objecteering sales, support and services. Objecteering Software has two development centers in Europe.
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