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Objecteering Praxeme
A unique modeling tool for the entire scope of the company, using the Praxeme approach.
PRAXEME ( is a enterprise methodology that provides a reference context covering all aspects of a company. It includes wide coverage of information system construction, integrating business owner/IT services requirements, from initial goals right through to production. PRAXEME concentrates on the essentials of proven methodologies (MERISE, Objects, RUP, Components, and so on), based on modeling standards (UML, BPMN, MDA). Supported by an ever-increasing number of large companies and consultants, Praxeme is an open method with an opensource license.
The Objecteering Praxeme tool is recommended by the "Sustainable IT Architecture" book, published by ISTE and Wiley. To find out more, visit this site:
  • Modeling according to Praxeme aspects: Semantic, Pragmatic, Geographical, Logical, Software, Technical, Material and Physical.
  • Editors dedicated to each Praxeme aspect.
  • Consistency checks and traceability support.
  • Dedicated documentation generation.
  • Unique repository.
The Praxeme module is a free-of-charge extension that can be run with both the Free Edition and the Enterprise Edition of Objecteering 6.1.
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