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Objecteering Document Publisher
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SOA Solution (EA, BPMN, SOA)
Document Publisher
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C# Developer
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Generate the most attractive model documentation ever!
A high-quality project means complete, consistent, up-to-date and relevant documentation, but who enjoys authoring documents? And how can you guarantee that documentary norms will be respected? Objecteering Document Publisher makes it easy to write and produce quality documentation, by making the most of the models you build. It provides assistance in what you should write, with only truly necessary parts having to be written by you. You can then automatically produce documents of a quality far superior to those produced manually. For example, you can generate composite documentation that includes a glossary, requirements, a section dedicated to use cases, a section dedicated to class diagrams and a traceability matrix, with systematic use of hypertext links.
Model-driven documentation
  • Documentation generation in Open XML (MS-Word) or HTML format.
  • Documentation model consistency guaranteed (transfer of text entered in MS-Word).
  • Customization through document templates, with a wide range of "off the shelf" templates available.
  • Documentation composed by assembling different model parts and document templates.
  • Highly professional documentation.
Take full advantage of our quality plan, by combining predefined document templates to automatically produce documents that respect both your quality rules and the specific content of your documentation.
The model documentation audit checks that the documentation produced from your models is complete, as well as assisting you in its authoring.
Traceability matrices significantly improve the quality of your documents.
Integrated methodological guides help build complete, high-quality models and documentation.
Simple, user-friendly wizards help you configure your documentation and choose a document template adapted to your needs. Documentary descriptions, veritable on-line model help for Objecteering users, can also be entered in MS-Word. Objecteering permanently guarantees consistency between the model (repository) and Open XML Word documents. To adapt document presentation, simply apply a stylesheet in MS-Word.
With HTML production, your documents can be viewed on-line on the internet.
Coverage of the entire life-cycle
Objecteering Document Publisher provides a wide range of easy-to-combine predefined document templates used to produce all the documents necessary to the entire project life-cycle, from documentation of the business dictionary, company goals, requirements, business processes, use cases, object analysis and technical design or reference, right through to deployment or impact analysis documentation.
Off-the-shelf predefined document templates can be combined and applied to different parts of your models, meaning that document authors can generate documentation containing exactly what they want. For example, an analysis document containing a glossary, use cases, the object analysis model and a model/glossary traceability matrix, or a requirements analysis document with the list of requirements and their details with a use case model, and a requirements/model traceability matrix, and so on.
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