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Objecteering SOA Solution
Objecteering Modeler
Scope Manager
SOA Solution (EA, BPMN, SOA)
Document Publisher
MDA Modeler
Java Developer
C# Developer
C++ Developer
SQL Designer
Fortran Developer
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Modelio Modeler
Modeling Service-Oriented Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture modeling
  • Business process modeling
  • Application and process cartography
  • Business model, organization model, logical architecture, material architecture and geographical architecture views
  • Business and organization-dedicated models built on UML and BPMN
  • Seamless business owner/IT services transition, traceability across the entire system
  • SOA modeling assistance
  • On-line model consistency checking
  • Unique repository shared by all models throughout the entire development cycle
  • Customizable documentation generation, web publication
  • Support of teamwork, concurrent modeling, model merges, and version and configuration management integration
  • Customizable and easily extendable tool to fit your projects
The convergence of models for continuity across the entire information system
Objecteering SOA Solution is designed for all those participating in the construction of an information system, and provides views dedicated to both business owners and to IT services. Objecteering SOA Solution supports enterprise architecture modeling techniques, drawing on OMG methodological standards (BMM, UPMS, BPMN, ...) and open methods such as Praxeme ( or TOGAF.
Through the notion of aspects, each participantís specific domains of interest are organized and coordinated: business domain, business organization and processes, functional architecture, applicative architecture, technical architecture and detailed software views.
Objecteering SOA Solution masks the complexity of UML, showing each type of user only the parts that concern him, through a dedicated illustrative and intuitive notation. Each participant has a simplified notation, providing the UML vision necessary to development phases. Model-driven tasks guide and automate modeling, and help maintain consistency between each view.
Objecteering SOA Solution provides an SOA approach based on the most recent modeling standards and technologies (UML2, BPMN, MDA) and providing adapted extensions.
Objecteering SOA Solution draws on internationally renowned standards and practices, integrating the functional advantages of the Objecteering tool (UML, MDA, model consistency, team work, development automation, Ö).
Other Objecteering features, such as Objecteering Scope Manager for goal and requirement management and domain analysis (dictionary, business rules), integrated with modeling in a synchronized and consistent way, help strengthen Objecteering SOA Solutionís capacities by providing models with a defined context.
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