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Code Generation
Modélisation UML, BPMN, EA
Modélisation Complète des Systèmes
Support Méthodologique
Solution SOA
Architecture SOA
Architecture d'Entreprise (EA)
Modélisation des Processus Métier
Objectifs, Dictionnaire, Règles Métier
Analyse et Conception UML
Génération Documentaire
MDA - Développement Guidé par le Modèle
Génération de Code Java, C#, C++
Travail en Equipe
Automated code generation for Java J2EE, C# .Net, C++ and SQL targets, and the support of frameworks like Spring, JSF, Struts, Hibernate and SOA-specific frameworks, bring substantial productivity and quality gains.
The Objecteering code generators capitalize on the very best programming know-how. They guarantee productivity and quality by systematizing generation rules throughout your projects. You can choose between several parameterization levels to drive generation, including taking full advantage of MDA to write your own generators.
Model/code consistency is permanently managed between Objecteering and the IDE of your choice (Eclipse, Visual Studio, …). The developer simply completes the UML model using method algorithms and relying on the guidance provided by the tool. Modeling is fully exploited: the user never has to reformulate the model in the target language. Code complements are attached to model elements and stored in the repository. Consistency is guaranteed at all times. If the model is modified, Objecteering incrementally regenerates the code, and if the code is modified, it guarantees the update of the model via its repository. Objecteering guarantees permanent code/model synchronization in both model-driven and round-trip modes.
Objecteering Developer provides specially adapted ergonomics. Within the UML model, the developer has a user interface that is specific to his target language, where he finds language-specific notions, entry windows and services, such as Javadoc, Ndoc, Doxygen and Design Patterns, to help him make his model even more productive.
Eclipse integration
Objecteering’s close-fit integration into the Eclipse platform brings you a unique, high-performance modeling and development environment for the Java/J2EE targets.
The Objecteering plug-in for Eclipse is a high-performance tool supporting all Objecteering functionalities for a complete and seamless coverage of the development cycle:
  • UML2, BPMN, EA, SOA, SysML modeling
  • Dictionary and requirements management
  • Documentation generation (requirements, modeling, Javadoc, …)
  • Java code generation from the model
  • Reverse-engineering of Java code to the UML model
  • Java code edition, compilation and debug
  • Code/model synchronization (round-trip or model-driven engineering)
  • Collaborative teamwork management
The Objecteering Eclipse plug-in guarantees optimum comfort and productivity for model-driven programming.
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