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Goal, dictionary and business rule analysis
Modélisation UML, BPMN, EA
Modélisation Complète des Systèmes
Support Méthodologique
Solution SOA
Architecture SOA
Architecture d'Entreprise (EA)
Modélisation des Processus Métier
Objectifs, Dictionnaire, Règles Métier
Analyse et Conception UML
Génération Documentaire
MDA - Développement Guidé par le Modèle
Génération de Code Java, C#, C++
Travail en Equipe
What are the goals of the business? What is the terminology used in the domain? Which business rules must be respected? What are the expected requirements? To help you formalize these key points, Objecteering Scope Manager* provides the techniques designed to define and model your business and the IT systems to support it. * Formerly Objecteering Requirements
Objecteering Scope Manager associates goal, dictionary, business rule and requirement management with UML modeling, providing seamless model-driven support from goal definition right through to code production. With this approach, you can justify your models and situate your modeling activities, in order to guarantee complete, relevant and consistent models that match the expectations.
Defining goals
Whether strategic, company or business-related, goals are the building blocks on which an information system is built and developed. With a methodological approach based on the formulation of goals, you can determine the expected value, identify the system elements to which they are assigned (actor, organizational unit, business process), and define key indicators (KPI), balanced score cards and the means of measuring performance.
Building the dictionary
A well-developed dictionary clarifies domain terminology and drives model construction: models are justified by business notions, and are named and documented in accordance with the business vision.
Formalizing business rules
Business rules sum up knowledge of the domain and the business constraints that must be respected by the system. Defined during the preliminary phases, these business rules are then transferred to the different parts of the model concerned.
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